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Parga is located in the northwest of Greece, in the region of Epirus, opposite the Ionian islands of Corfu, Paxos and Anti-Paxos.  Situated on the edge of the shimmering Ionian Sea, the olives, cypress and pine clad hills provide the village with a stunning backdrop. 

Parga is a resort that will appeal to all ages. It has a rich and eventful history, rare physical beauty, interlaced beaches, emerald sea, calm bays, olive groves and a healthy climate.  The influence of the Venetians is marked in its architecture with the Venetian castle set prominently on the hillside overlooking the town.

On the waterfront an array of tavernas offer typically Greek dishes accompanied by fine local wines and across the harbour colourful small boats come and go.  The pace of life is slow and relaxed but in the evening the harbour bustles with a cosmopolitan atmosphere which manages to suit all tastes.