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Myths & River



A superb excursion, taking in the local Greek Myths at a time when Gods & Goddesses roamed the earth and mingled with humans.  


First is a visit to Necromantion, ‘The Oracle of the Dead’.   Dating back to the 6th century BC, the site was once an underground labyrinth and is believed to be the entrance to the underworld of Hades.  You will discover the stories behind the rituals and the elaborate lengths the priests went to in order to ‘prepare’ the pilgrims for their meeting with the dead.  


Our journey will then continue inland to the village of Gliki.  This is home to the River Acheron (River of pain or woe) in antiquity; the River Acheron was the most prominent and important of the five rivers of the underworld.  It is here that the souls of the deceased were brought and the Charon (ferry man) would transport the souls across the river to the underworld.


Here you can join our guide for a cooling trek & swim up river through the Acheron Gorge.  The trek will take approx. 2.5hrs.  With its cold springs and turquoise clear waters this is where Achilleas was given the gift of immortality. There is a restaurant on the riverside for guests to have lunch and take refreshments.  


Duration of Excursion:-

Approx. 09:00am pick-up from Parga – Returning approx. 15:30



For those who do not wish to walk up through the river there are plenty of areas to sit, sunbathe or just dip your feet in the water and enjoy the surroundings.


Bring suitable shoes/sandals (that strap to your feet) to wear in the River.  For those who want to swim remember to take towel & swimwear, sunscreen, hats etc.



Tour leader, transport


Not included:-

Lunch, refreshments & entrance to the archeological site Necromantio



May not be suitable for guests with walking difficulties due to uneven stone river bed.